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With Pylife, you can monitor and communicate with everything around you. 

This includes loved ones, pets, your buddies, your home, the garden and even the shed! 

You can also connect your IoT projects or with your local community, so everyone is on the same page. Its what we call a MESH network. So what’s a MESH network? Imagine a spider web! Well a friendly spider. Each point in the web is kinda connected together. It’s the same thing with a PyGo. 

It connects in a Mesh to all the other PyGos within a (max) of 12KM distance. In the same way the spider crawls around the MESH, any data you send from one device to another hops around until it reaches its destination. Simple!  

And, just like spider webs, a spider web can be connected to another spider web, thus making the MESH network unlimited in nature. We hope none of you are scared of spiders!! 

The Pylife solution is made up of: 

The PyGo multi-use wearable devices that join to create what the company refers to as a PyMesh Network and the Pylife Mobile App that gives users management and control over the use case.

Communication is a key part of how we live. You decide what you want Pylife to be.  

There are many ways to connect with the PyGos and Mobile Phones.

We have drawn up a few illustrations to show you some of the ways possible.