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It’s important to consider all the components of your device. Each part must complete its role without being compromises by other factors such as the environment, impacts to the device ( such as bumps or drops ), and reactions to the other components within the gadget. It’s also important to ensure that the parts aren’t corrosive, as they could be harmful to skin if broken.

Antennas are one of the most important parts to consider. If these aren’t designed to perform optimally, the final product may not perform as expected. The spécifications of the antenna will determine the potential strength of the device’s RF signal: The very connection that ‘ll make or break a device. However, the final performance will depend on the integration and how closely this matches the datasheet guidelines. As this technology needs to be able to monitor, send/receive vital information, it’s essential the antenna can transmit data efficiently. We can help you make an informed decision on antenna selection.